I whizzed down the A3 to Liss to visit the Blackmoor orchards where they grow an impressive quantity of apples and pears, and where you can buy apples from an honesty box, or high-quality fruit trees and other goodies from their nursery online.

Their apples are stored in enormous, barn-sized fridges so that they can supply fruit all year round, with each variety of apple and pear carefully monitored for temperature and oxygen levels.

We have a nice variety that we brought back, including Egremont Russet, Sweetie, Concord Pears, Cox and Opal all at £1.99/kg so definitely worth grabbing some.  We will try and establish a regular supply as we need to support English Orchards for so many reasons, and maybe we can arrange a deal with any Liss based customers to help with delivery??

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