This Christmas will not be business as usual for so many people.  With anxiety about Covid-19, jobs and livelihoods, and whether we can even spend time with friends and family this Christmas, we need to be more considerate and check in with those people who need support.

There are simple ways to help your local community, taking considered choices when buying presents, food and even Christmas decorations.  While it’s so easy to buy gifts on Amazon, with a little time and effort, you can find some wonderful gifts that have been made locally or in the Uk and that helps to support a small business as opposed to line the pockets of Jeff Bezos or Tesco shareholders. From buying Christmas cards from local artists, to gift vouchers from your local pub or restaurant.  If you have a present in mind, search a little harder to see if someone is making it locally.  If everyone made one purchase from a local business, it would have a significant effect on the local economy during these challenging times.

The Christmas meal is a simple way to support many local businesses in one fell swoop. You can buy local turkey, goose, cockerel or ribs of beef from most independent butchers and farm shops.  Most are offering click and collect or delivery services.  Brussel sprouts, potatoes, parsnips and carrots, broccoli and walnuts are all in season and grown locally, as are apples and pears.

Specialty items like Chalkstream Trout, all our Cheesemakers, gin, wine, beer and cider makers usually rely on restaurants and pubs for the majority of their trade – now they are relying on us to help them out more than ever.  So during lockdown, if you have a little more time on your hands to do some Christmas shopping online, seek out the locals….  Here are some suggestions to get you going:

You can order delivery from these fantastic local restaurants:

Fat Olives in Emsworth

The Richmond Arms in West Ashling

You may have seen cards and artwork in the shop from the following local artists:

Chris Gilbert – Woodcuts & Watercolours

Andrea Martin – Pen and Ink hares and animals

Katrin Eagle – Wool Artist

Lizzie Huxtable Cards

You can find more local artists through the Emsworth Arts Trail and Chichester Arts Trail.

And while we stock a great array of locally produced food and drink you can find more local producers at Hampshire Fare and Sussex Food and Drink.

It might be worth setting up a directory, so if you know of any local artist, craftsperson, or artisan, let me know and we can build a list.

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  • Can I make a plug for the Lordington Lavander shampoo bars. I first tried them as part of trying to reduce my use of plastic. The bar looked a bit expensive but I thought I would give it a go. In fact the shampoo bar lasts for ages, much longer than a bottle of shampoo, so not expensive after all. The shampoo works perfectly well, and in fact my hair is less greasy now. One of the good things about these bars is that they don’t go soft and break up after a few washes, which is something that happens with some other shampoo bars. So an excellent locally made purchase.

    • Thank you, been sourcing mine from North Wales would prefer a locally sourced product.

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