In the interests of quality control and maintaining standards, I thought I would try one of Vicky’s Chicken and Asparagus Pies for lunch today.  It was full of succulent chicken, fresh Rogate asparagus and a rich, creamy sauce. No filler, no random bits of swede or unidentifiable vegetable matter, just top quality chicken and asparagus with a homemade pastry top for a textured crunch.

This is homemade cooking without the faff, a ready meal of delicious, simple, seasonal ingredients that was tasty, satisfying and remarkably good.  My only criticism: probably too cheap.  Come and get some before we put the prices up, you will not be disappointed.

Vicky is cooking off a huge number of sausage rolls (plain pork, BBQ pork and lamb) as well as spicy bean pies, and a range of seasonal quiches.  Vicky started out doing 1.5 days a week, and is now working flat out 4 days a week. Every item is consistently well made, well cooked and well presented, and if she carries on like this, she will have to work 9 days a week.

Chicken and asparagus pies will be available in the deli counter on Friday, £4.99 each

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