I think Hodmedod’s is the future of our food: UK grown, organic, veg-based, heritage crops that are backed up with care for the soil and the environment, with inspiring recipes and innovative products.  We should all be eating less meat, but also less processed food.  My worry is that the majority of new vegetarian and vegan products that I see are heavily processed and rely on mono-crop soya that has been freighted around the planet. Soya has been used widely to make meat substitutes such a textured vegetable protein (TVP), soya burgers, sausages and mince.

So, if you are thinking of widening your vegetarian repertoire, then Hodmedod’s products are a fabulous place to start.  We are currently stocking the following:

Carlin Peas, Black Badger, Organic  Black Badgers are classic brown Carlin Pea, also known as Black or Grey Peas and popularly served as Parched Peas in Lancashire, simply boiled up and eaten with vinegar and salt. With their firm texture and delicious nutty flavour, Carlin Peas make an excellent British substitute for chickpeas.

Carlin Peas in Water, Organic & ready to use

Marrowfat Peas, Organic Marrowfat peas make the best mushy peas but are also great for dips, salads and even crunchy snacks. They pair very well with wasabi or horseradish.

Whole Fava Beans, Organic  Britain’s original bean, the fava bean is delicious, nutritious and good for the soil. These Organic Whole Fava Beans are perfect for spicy Egyptian ful medames, truly British baked beans, stews, curries, salads and more.

Vaal Dhal, Organic Our organic canned Vaal Dhal is inspired by the cuisine of Gujarat in northern India but we use only British-grown fava beans, cooked with a blend of mild and aromatic spices. Needing just a little heat and a good stir our dhal is ready to eat as a satisfying side dish or can be cooked with other ingredients to create a more substantial curry. Try adding water or stock for a curry soup.

Quinoa, White, Wholegrain British Quinoa is deliciously nutty and light. It’s easy to cook and perfect for salads, as a side dish, in soups or for baking.
Hodmedod’s organic quinoa is grown by Sophie Alexander at Hemsworth Farm in Dorset.

Naked Barley, Wholegrain, Organic Long before we ate modern wheat, naked barley sustained us. Well suited to our climate, Bronze Age farmers would be very familiar with this nutritious, malty cereal. Unlike most barley, where the inedible husk is tightly stuck to the grain, the husks fall off the naked barley grain when it’s harvested and threshed, leaving the tasty and nutritious wholegrain ready to use.


YQ Population Wheatflour, Wholemeal, Stoneground, Organic This flour is revolutionary! It’s milled from the YQ (Yield and Quality) wheat population bred at Wakelyns Agroforestry by Professor Martin Wolfe and the Organic Research Centre. The population is a crop of extraordinary diversity, that’s emerged over time from a wide range of carefully chosen parent varieties, leading to fields of millions of genetically distinct individual wheat plants rather than the usual genetically uniform monocultures.

YQ flour has great texture and flavour, and is suitable for sourdough breads, pastry and cakes. It’s a wholemeal flour stoneground from organically grown wheat and retains all the nutrients and wholesome flavour of wholegrain wheat.

Muesli Base, Four Grain, Organic A nutritious, nutty and malty cereal combining four delicious grains, all from British farms – rolled and jumbo oats, malted wheat, naked barley and rye flakes.

Mix no 1, Broth. 7 grains & pulses including Wholegrain Emmer, Olive Green Lentils and Naked Barley Flakes. Our twist on the classic broth mix. Perfect for soups and stews, a great base for hearty salads or home mill for a complex flour.

Sussex Coriander Seed These aromatic coriander seeds are grown at on the Cinder Hill Estate at Horsted Keynes in West Sussex. Grown primarily as a botanical for distillers, this British-grown coriander seed is of exceptional quality with a high oil content and superb citrus aroma.

Have a look at the Hodmedod’s website for more recipes and inspiration.