We have a side of Aberdeen Angus beef that we have been ageing this week.  The marbling is glorious, and this is an opportunity for the serious BBQ chef that’s not to be missed.

We have a whole brisket ready for those who love smoking low and slow, to create that classic Texan dish.  You can also try the LMC (Leg of Mutton Cut)  a beef cut with a layer of fat on the top similar to the topside, but which also demands the slow cooking treatment.  If you don’t have a ceramic BBQ, then the slow cooker works just as well, and leftovers are ideal for beef sandwiches.

We are making gourmet burgers with marrow, chuck mince, and seasoning, as well as beef truffles filled with incredible toppings, such as mushroom, bacon, and cheese, or tomato, red & spring onion, and mozzarella. Sarah will be preparing these, alongside other BBQ treats this weekend.

Lee is dry-ageing the ribs of beef and other steak cuts, which are currently 28 days old but can be aged to 60 days or more on request.  The quality of the meat and the marbling is superb, so if you would like ribs, sirloin or fillet aged for you, let us know how many you would like, and to what age. 

There’s also the short ribs, which can be slow-cooked traditionally or with a Korean-inspired twist.  Either way, make sure you get a big hunk of Aberdeen Angus beef for the BBQ this weekend.  Give us a shout if you would like any bespoke cuts prepared or aged for you.