We have lots of new products in this week, but my personal favourite has to be ‘Bird Dust’: a kit that ensures you can make the best fried chicken at home.  We had a couple of samples sent to us, and tried them out on the family.  You need the kit, some chicken (we made strips from the breast, drumsticks, wings and boneless thighs), milk and yogurt, it takes two minutes, and you can either bake, shallow fry or deep fry.

The result is super succulent chicken encased in a delicious, crunchy crumb that is better than almost any other fried-chicken I’ve ever had.  Simple to make chicken burgers, this is a party classic that will keep everyone happy.

The Bird Dust Gourmet Fried Chicken Kit has been created by the chef’s who ran their own gourmet chicken takeaway.  It comes in several flavours, with the following 270g packs in stock:

Crunchy Fried Chicken Bird Dust

Jammin Jerk Fried Chicken Bird Dust

Smokin Chipotle Fried Chicken Bird Dust

Each pack will easily make 4-6 Servings. Pack will coat approximately 1kg – 1.6kg of chicken (depending on size of pieces)