It’s #FoodWasteActionWeek this week, and with the price of veg and salad, the cost of living crisis, and the environmental impacts of food waste, it’s more relevant than ever.  The Love Food Hate Waste website offers loads of tips on storing food to ensure it stays fresh, as well as recipes for leftovers and actions to take.

If you don’t manage to eat all your leftovers, you can compost most of your fruit and veg, ensuring that it doesn’t go to landfill. There’s plenty of help to get you started on composting if it’s not something you do already.  Meat scraps and bones need a separate system but can be broken down into microbe and nutrient-rich compost with the help of a bokashi bin.

At Stansted farm shop, any fruit and veg that we don’t manage to sell or eat ourselves is composted, while all the bones from our butchery that we don’t sell are taken to an Anaerobic digester and recycled to create green energy.

You can always ask our butchers for bones (either for stock or your pets) as they work with whole carcasses.  As a result, they may not always have the exact cut you want, but with a bit of flexibility, you can try a similar cut to ensure we can continue to buy whole carcass, which guarantees full traceability back to local farms and estates, with high welfare, grass-fed, happy livestock.

Do ask if you have any questions…

Co-written by Emily Mott