The warmer weather lures me into the garden, where a simple grill is needed to make the perfect burger, giving you the chance to enjoy the al fresco cooking.  We have Creedy Carver duck burgers that are sensationally good, and Sarah is making our gourmet burgers with prime dry-aged local beef, salt, and pepper, as well as pork and apple burgers.

With Isle of Wight tomatoes, Sandridge smoked streaky bacon, Sussex Charmer Cheddar or Colston Basset Stilton, some crisp lettuce or rocket, and you have the burger of champions.

You can grill these in the kitchen, but if you can do this outside you can enjoy the sunshine for almost the first time this year, and you don’t have much washing up to do.

If you have a favourite burger recipe worth sharing, let us know in the comments below…