This week we have a small quantity of wild roe deer – this venison is prized for excellent eating qualities and is currently in season.  We don’t normally sell venison in August as the heat usually means people don’t feel like eating red meat, but the delightful weather this year means that a bit of roast venison is pretty appealing.

If you would like some, you can pop to the butchery counter or let me know via email and we can put some aside for you, and if there is too much demand, we can get some more in next week.

The Roe deer are abundant at Stansted, I saw three different roe bucks on a short walk through the woods last week.  They are territorial, so can usually be found in the same place, and when disturbed give off a warning bark.  They can cause damage to young trees and crops and with high numbers, they are the perfect, sustainable meat.  The venison is also the most healthy red meat you can get.

Lee also has wild rabbit available this week, so come and enjoy some local, wild game.