The venison season has started, and with this Indian summer, it’s a great time to enjoy venison burgers, especially if you haven’t eaten venison in a while.  The venison is from wild fallow deer that roam freely across Stansted Estate and the South Downs, and we all need to eat venison to keep the deer numbers at manageable quantities and ensure that our woodlands can naturally regenerate.  This fantastic quality meat is fully sustainable, wild and the healthiest red meat you can eat, so try out a burger and enjoy some wild venison.

Each burger is around 200g, handmade on-site by Lee and the team.  The burgers have plenty of flavour (similar to beef but a bit more gamey) and so you can load up with toppings such as bacon, blue cheese, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce – make it an event and load up.

Ideal cooked on the BBQ, or grilled or fried at home, they are simple to prepare and a real treat.  With 2 burgers per pack, they are vacuum sealed ideal for the freezer.

We also have all other cuts of venison available, including fillet, loin and haunch steaks, roasting joints, diced and mince.  The wild venison season will run until late Spring, and we should have a constant supply unless we have extreme weather and the stalkers can’t get out.