We have a few packs of wild wood pigeon available this week which is unusual as they are quite hard to get hold of.  Pigeon is delicious, more like a small tender steak than poultry, and with a flavour that holds up well against robust sauces.

Here’s a good recipe with wild mushrooms, (you can even forage for wood ear mushrooms on old Elder trees at the moment) roast leeks and a red wine gravy.

Traditionally, on a cold February with hard frosts and biting winds, pigeons would be restricted to a few crops that would provide nourishment and where they would gather in large numbers.  This was the opportunity to hunt them with guaranteed results.  But with our warm winters, and this year’s heavy beech mast, the pigeons have an endless choice of foods, and one shot scares them away for the afternoon which is why we don’t have much availability at the moment.  Definitely come and grab a pack while you can!