We’ve put together a Spring Cheese Board with a selection of cheeses that make you think of wildflower meadows, with fresh, zingy flavours and lovely colours.

This board has 5 different cheese with their own Spring Story:

Sussex Floral: This cows milk cheese is dressed in edible organic marigold and safflower petals, creating a beautiful cheese on the board that has a smooth buttery texture and citrus freshness, with a moreish fragrant aroma and herbaceous flavour.

Cornish Yarg: Normally wrapped in edible nettle leaves, we also have the wild garlic version as well, creating a fresh mushroomy taste with an irresistible crumble in the core

Witheridge in Hay: The clue is in the name, as this cheese has been matured in hay, giving the cheese a distinct, grassy flavour from the organic hay meadows.

Blue Clouds: The lovely name brings hope of beautiful spring weather, this cheese is from Balcombe in West Sussex. It’s a rich, creamy Gorgonzola-inspired cheese, a mild creamy blue with a slight salty tang. It has a doughy aroma and a good length of flavour.

Sussex Brie A creamy, grassy brie that is soft, runny and can be eaten with a spoon when left in the spring sunshine.

These are all perfect with a light red such as Solas Pinot Noir from Laurent Miquel, a French wine with an Irish name.  Solas means ‘light’ in Irish and would be perfect with these spring cheeses.

As a rule of thumb, 50g of cheese per person is standard for a light cheeseboard, but if it is a main dish, then bump it up to 100g.  The five cheese above at about 150g each would cost approximately £25 and would be a good selection for up to 15 people.

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