This month, some of our favourite local foods are coming into season, while the winter stalwarts drop out.  Asparagus has finally emerged – sourced directly from Slade Farm in Rogate and delivered fresh to our door.  We have 3 bunches for £9 or a bunch for £3.25 with its incredible flavour making it the star of the plate.  Steamed, boiled, roasted, or grilled, asparagus works brilliantly in quiche, risotto, pasta and salads.  Make sure to enjoy the brief English asparagus season, there really is no better taste.

We have the first of the local strawberries from Westlands today – grown under polytunnels just 15 miles from here, we look forward to enjoying them for the rest of the season.  Perfect with Goodwood double cream or a scoop of ice cream – ready to welcome the sunshine.  Jersey Royal potatoes are also back… alongside the full complement of Isle of Wight tomatoes, with a selection of colours and sizes and oozing with glorious flavour.

The fallow deer season has come to a close, and Lee has stocked up so that the counter is full of good-sized loin and haunch joints, perfect for special occasions.  If you want any diced venison, this is really your last chance before Autumn, as the muntjac that are available all year round aren’t big enough to justify diced.  If you would like some diced prepared, please get in touch… We will have muntjac saddle and butterflied haunch for the BBQ.

We have some wild rabbit available this week, and free-range Creedy Carver Chickens for a Bank Holiday roast.  There is finally some sunshine forecast, so get the BBQ out and grab some dry-aged steaks, homemade sausages or burgers and enjoy your bank holiday weekend with lots of local, seasonal fruit, veg and game.


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