Cornish Gouda (200g)




Made by a Dutch family, the Spierings, who moved from the Netherlands in 1998 to start dairy farming on their farm in Cornwall. Their production of cheese was inspired by their son who realised that they needed to diversify away from milk when he found a ‘For Sale’ sign on return from college in 2012. All cows are born and reared on the farm, and fed by crops grown on its land. Every stage of cheese production is powered by a biomass boiler fuelled by sustainable forestry.

The cheese undergoes a careful aging process, allowing the flavours to develop and mature over time, resulting in a cheese that is full of depth and character. Cornish Gouda is aged for 5-6 months, giving it a  smooth texture that melts in the mouth, releasing a rich and buttery flavour that delights the palate.


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