Rollright Cheese (200g)




Rollright cheese is a handcrafted artisanal cheese that originated in the Cotswolds region of England.  Made from cow’s milk, Rollright cheese’s texture is soft and glossy and the flavour milky with woody notes. Its rind is washed in a brine solution, which adds depth and complexity to its taste. A mellow, buttery cheese that expresses the rich and diverse clover pasture of Chedworth’s Manor Farm. It is based on the classic French cheese Reblochon and encircled in a spruce band that helps hold it together and adds a pine-y note to the cheese. When young, the cheese is curdy and lactic, developing a soft breakdown below the rind as it ages. Once fully ripened, the cheese is soft and full of flavours of beef stock, roast onions and peanuts.

Winner of ‘Supreme Champion’ (Artisan Cheese Awards 2016) and ‘Best Soft Cheese’ (Great British Cheese Awards 2016). Made by David Jowett from King Stone Dairy at Manor Farm, Chedworth, Gloucestershire, England.


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