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A local leg of lamb is perfect for a family roast, or ask our butcher to butterfly it for the BBQ.
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Our South Downs leg of lamb is the perfect Sunday Roast – pricked with rosemary and garlic, with redcurrant jelly and mint sauce, it is one of the ultimate British meals. South Downs leg of lamb makes a great centrepiece for an Easter roast (recipe here). When you keep leg of lamb on the bone, you get more flavour and it stays more succulent, just make sure to rest the joint for at least 15 minutes before serving.

The lamb available at the moment is over a year old, so is larger and technically described as hoggett.  It has excellent flavour, but should be cooked a little longer and slower than new season’s lamb.

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Different farms lamb at different times of the year, so with recent warm winters, we have had an extended season of Spring lamb, where texture and taste work perfectly. Later on in the year, you get a more robust flavour and texture that suits eating in Autumn and Winter.

All our lamb comes from within the South Downs National Park where it feeds on the mixed herbs and grasses of the sloping Downs meadows. We source from individual farms where we can trace the quality, welfare and breeding to ensure the finest tasting local lamb.


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  1. Hilary (verified owner)

    I treated my daughter and her family to a leg of lamb this Easter weekend and they have been raving about it ever since. They slow roasted it in the oven and my daughter and her family have said it was the tastiest leg of lamb they have eaten for a long time. So much so she has asked me to order another leg of lamb for her for next weekend. Unfortunately due to sole isolation I have yet to sample it myself.

    • Fred Duncannon

      So glad they enjoyed it, thanks for the feedback and we’ll have to send you a lamb steak!

  2. Jackie Martin (verified owner)

    I have had a quarter of lamb and we have so far eaten the shoulder and lamb steaks and they were excellent. Likewise I have had a steak box , mixed meat box, a beef joint and a pork joint and they have all been very good as well as fish. Every thing is so tender and tasty.

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