Rare-breed Pork Chops


Our Rare-breed pork chops are juicy, tender and rich with flavour.



Our Rare-breed pork chops taste superb. There is nothing like a decent pork chop to keep you happy – succulent, tender meat getting a deep flavour from the bone and wrapped in a layer of fat that keeps the meat juicy and adds a rich level of taste. Our favourite way is on the BBQ, with the intense heat caramalizing the fat.

Ideal with apple sauce or a honey and mustard marinade, this is the perfect meal. Have a look at one of our favourite recipes for these rare-breed pork chops here.

Each pack contains two pork chops

Producer Information

Our pork comes from Scott Free Range, based on the outskirts of Storrington in West Sussex. There, the traditional breed pigs enjoy fresh air, freedom and a natural diet, free of additives. The carefully developed style of husbandry and trained staff at Scott Free Range ensures healthy, stress-free pigs thus producing top-quality, naturally flavoursome pork.


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