Our pork comes from Scott Free Range, based on the outskirts of Storrington in West Sussex. There, the traditional breed pigs enjoy fresh air, freedom and a natural diet, free of additives. The carefully developed style of husbandry and trained staff at Scott Free Range ensures healthy, stress-free pigs thus producing top-quality, naturally flavoursome pork. In the autumn we also offer Pannage Pork fed off the acorns of the New Forest.

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  • Diced Pork

    Diced Pork

    Our diced pork is succulent and flavourful, making it ideal for casseroles, stews or pulled pork.


  • Leg of Pork

    Our Free Range leg of pork is excellent for roasting, with a good layer of fat to ensure a succulent, tasty meal.


  • Pannage Pork

    Our Pannage Pork Boxes are from New Forest Pigs that are free to roam the forest floor eating acorns in the most natural way possible. Pannage is a traditional practice that has been in existence since Henry VIII, resulting in great-tasting pork that is healthy, sustainable and delicious.


  • Pork Mince

    Our truly Free Range pork mince makes the perfect addition to a variety of dishes, beautifully enhancing the flavour.

  • Rare-breed Pork Belly

    Our Rare-breed pork belly produces a truly exceptional, delicious meal.


  • rare-breed pork chops

    Rare-breed Pork Chops

    Our Rare-breed pork chops are juicy, tender and rich with flavour.

  • Rare-breed Pork Loin

    Rare-breed pork loin is a versatile cut which remains tasty and succulent however you choose to cook it.


  • Rare-breed Pork Ribs

    Our rare-breed pork ribs make the perfect BBQ, succulent and flavoursome when slow-cooked and finished off on the flames.

  • Rare Breed Pork Shoulder

    Rare-breed Pork Shoulder

    Rare-breed pork shoulder is marbled with fat and ideal for the perfect slow-cooked roast, or pulled pork sandwiches.

  • sandridge gammon unsmoked

    Sandridge Gammon (Unsmoked)

    Old-fashioned Wiltshire gammon that’s cured on the farm to a traditional recipe.

  • sandridge slipper joint

    Sandridge Slipper Joint (Unsmoked)

    Our slipper joint is a smaller cut from old-fashioned Wiltshire gammon that’s cured on the farm to a traditional recipe.

  • sandridge gammon unsmoked

    Sandridge Smoked Gammon

    Old-fashioned Wiltshire smoked gammon that’s cured on the farm to a traditional recipe.