September Sussex fruit and vegWe currently have 42 varieties of fruit and veg in the shop at the moment, with the vast majority being grown on local farms. And as they are all in peak season, the prices are low, even compared with the mass produced, air-freighted supermaket fare.

On the veg side, we have courgettes, runner beans and French beans from the Stansted Estate, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages from just down the road in Chidham, and corn on the cob and butternut squash from the Chichester area, with local ridge cucumbers and tomatoes.

On the fruit side, I’ve been doing my bit and raiding the fig tree for perfectly ripe and delicious figs. They make an excellent starter with prosciutto, or as a snack or pudding – try one with Honey and Ginger ice cream from Caroline’s Dairy! There are also strawberries from the New Forest, raspberries and peaches.

The Stansted hedgerows are filling up with that great superfood – blackberries. Not only are blackberries free, but they are loaded with vitamin C, anti-oxidants and fibre and are seriously good for you, especially if you gather them yourself.blackberries