The ribeye steak (or Entrecôte) is a fantastic cut, especially when it is beautifully marbled like this one from a Hereford Beef carcass.  The marbled fat does two things: provides succulence, basting the meat naturally as it cooks, and flavour making the taste beefy and very tender – a perfect combination that other steaks cannot match.

It is ideal for pan-frying or BBQ (although watch it carefully to avoid a fireball from the dripping fat) and was the cut that was used during ITV’s BBQ Champ (although they had the whole rib to contend with first). Simply season with salt and pepper and a little vegetable oil and a sprig of thyme then onto the BBQ.  It goes well with the Nutbourne tomatoes that you can slow roast beforehand at 50°C for an hour to get maximum flavour.

The Hereford Breed of cattle forages naturally on the herbs and grasses of the South Downs and is renowned for its flavour and marbled meat.  We hang our beef for 28 days to ensure that the flavour is intensified and that the meat becomes more tender.