Aged Steak42 Day Aged Steak

This week we have some amazing 42 day aged sirloin steaks. They are beautifully marbled, full of flavour and will be melt-in-the-mouth tender. From a Devon Red in Westbourne, I’ll wager you will not get a better steak this year.(£28.99/kg)

If you like your grass-fed locally reared aged steak, we are planning to dedicate some cold store space to properly aged steaks.  Whether it be sirloin, rib-eye, rump or rib of beef, we will age them on the bone to your requirements – from 35,45 or 55 days. We only use grass fed beef from native breeds (eg: Aberdeen Angus, Devon Red or Sussex) and by ageing the steak, water evaporates from the meat giving depth of flavour, while the ageing allows enzymes to slowly break down the muscle tissue for greater tenderness.

The supermarkets tend not to age their beef as it is costly and time-consuming, and sometimes it is wet-aged in vacuum packs.

If you are interested in pre-ordering aged steaks or ribs of beef for Christmas or a special occasion, just let us know.

Meat Packs

We are now offering a variety of meat packs at great value, with a wide choice of cuts available as pre-packs with 2 for £7 or 3 for £10.

While the options will vary, the packs will consist of sausages, mince, pork chops, burgers or bacon – with additional cuts added depending on what Gavin has in the butchery.  Again, all the meat is locally sourced or rare breed and offers outstanding value.

Meat Boxes

If you are interested in a larger meat box, then Gavin can put a bespoke box together for you that can include the sort of cuts that you use on a weekly basis, or a mix, where he adds something unusual so that you can enjoy a different meal that challenges your recipe knowledge. With a £25 or £35 box, you can make considerable savings and it’s best to chat with Gavin about what cuts you would like included.

We will have wild venison, rare-breed pork and South Downs Lamb availalble in the butchery as well.