Big Green Egg

This morning we met with Nic from the Big Green Egg company who make the ultimate in BBQ Ovens.  The Big Green Egg is a ceramic charcoal oven that offers the versatility of seven cooking modes: Searing, roasting, baking, smoking, slow cooking, pan cooking and plancha.  It takes 15 minutes to light before you can start cooking, is incredibly simple to use and most importantly, creates delicious tasting food, smoky and succulent.

We are planning to have a BGE in the kitchen of the new farm shop, as well as have one outside to demonstrate on. We will also be selling them in the shop.

We are very excited as the versatility and quality of this oven offers the best way of cooking our produce. This will be reflected in our new menu where we won’t just be BBQing big slabs of meat, but can chargrill purple sprouting broccoli or asparagus, smoke Pete’s fresh mackerel, or slow roast a whole cauliflower.  However, I am particularly looking forward to a 20 hour slow cooked and smoked pork shoulder, or a grilled 42 day aged ribeye, but that’s just me.

We are going through the process of setting up as a dealer and are hoping to have an oven available to cook with for our Farm Shop Birthday party on the 18th March.  We will keep you posted on progress…

Check out the Big Green Egg website and some of their recipes here