Our Rogate Asparagus is going down a storm and Gavin has been cooking the most amazing pizzas, sausage rolls and brunch with freshly picked asparagus.

The brunch is with BBQ asparagus (the best way to cook it), poached eggs and sourdough toast and is the perfect way to start your day.  The pizza is with salsa verde, goats cheese and pickled shallots and of course loads of asparagus.  Another winner.  If you need to take something home, then the chicken and asparagus sausage roll is convenient, healthy and scrummy.

It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the sausage rolls at the moment as there have been some truly outstanding versions coming out of Gavin’s kitchen, with the most popular being the lamb and rosemary sausage roll.  They are large, jam packed with the finest meat from the butchery and are ideal picnic food.

The Big Green Egg BBQ has been smoking away all week, with beer can chicken for our pizza toppings, pulled pork for sandwiches and lots of other goodies.  Cooking over charcoal brings out the best flavour and succulence to our meat.