We are excited to bring you a seriously tasty gourmet burger that has been made using a combination of grass fed Beef Short Rib, Chuck Steak and Brisket. It has been lightly seasoned and is truly superb on the BBQ.  The flavour is mighty, there is a good chew, and each burger weighs 225g and costs £2.95 each.

This is ideal fodder for a Father’s Day BBQ, and we will be making these gourmet burgers throughout the summer.  The advantage of having a butcher is that you can create your own bespoke burgers and bangers.  If you have a particular favourite sausage or burger recipe, then our butchers will happily recreate this for you.  Just give them a bit of warning and a decent quantity to work with (you can freeze a batch if needed) and we will work with you to create the bespoke BBQ burgers and bangers.

Our sausages are made by hand several times a week and use prime cuts  – so that we can trace each ingredient back to the Sussex or Hampshire farm where it was reared. We know exactly what is in each sausage and if you have any questions, our butchers will happily help out.