Jacob’s Ladder is a cut of beef that is gently coming back into fashion, and can be cooked in two different ways.  You can slow cook it for at least three hours until the meat is succulent and falling off the bone, or you can cut thin strips off the ribs and cook quickly at a very high heat as the Koreans do.  The flavour is fantastic,with the meat aged close to the bone, and you can be a bit more adventurous with this cut and enjoy Asian recipes and influences.  It’s also a good one for the BBQ, slow cooked first (in your oven if necessary), then glazed and finished over coals.

Jamie Oliver has a good recipe, as does Tom Kerridge, while owners of the Big Green Egg have this dedicated recipe to get you going.

It’s important to utilize every cut of beef, so it’s worth trying something different, especially when it’s a cut that’s highly revered in other countries.  However, we do have the usual cuts of beef available in the butchery this week as well, with excellent aged sirloin, ribs of beef and every other cut you can imagine.  But if you have time, get the slow cooker going, prepare your Korean glaze, and finish with a celebratory drink around the BBQ this sunny weekend.

The Jacob’s Ladder has been aged and can be prepared by our butcher, Lee to suit you.  £8.99/kg is this week’s special offer.