We have developed some incredible sausage rolls, with my favourite being BBQ Pork that uses Scott’s free range, Sussex pork shoulder, cooked over charcoal for 18 hours, before being pulled, combined with a BBQ sauce and combined with onion and coriander and folded into homemade pastry.

This is then topped with some pickled chillies and baked.  It is an outstanding sausage roll.  We also have :

  • Harissa chicken Roll
  • Feta and Roast Veg Roll
  • Lamb & Rosemary
  • Venison Pie
  • Beef & Ale Pasty
  • Scotch Eggs
  • Plain pork Sausage Roll

They are all made in house, using meat from the butchery and are ideal for lunch or a bite on the move.  You can buy them from the deli counter (from £4), or you can have one for lunch, heated up with homemade pickles, salad and crisps on the side for £6.50

The sausage roll is one of the great British takeaway foods – perfect to eat on the move, for a quick lunch, or simple finger food.  However I wouldn’t trust the origins of most shop bought sausage rolls.  The pastry is bland and the contents are often a mystery pork based mix.  Where’s the pork from, which bit(s) of pork are used, what are all those E numbers for?  Tesco’s sausage rolls have 31 ingredients including palm oil, and 27% pork.

When you eat a sausage roll from us, we can give you the name of the farmer, where and in what conditions the pigs have been reared, and a simple list of ingredients that have been added.  Come and try one out and you won’t be disappointed.

BBQ Pork Sausage Roll