Stews, Casseroles, Hot Pots, Tagines – they combine delicious ingredients, hearty flavours, comforting depths with simple one-pot cooking and that precious commodity: time.  With a little bit of forward planning, you can create a meal for a large group of people for not much money, a small amount of preparation time and a single pot to wash up.  What’s not to like?

Stew was specifically designed for weekends, when you can prepare your ingredients after lunch, bung it in the slow oven, and head off for a long autumnal walk with friends and family, before returning for a supper of rich, wonderful flavours. Ensure that you make too much, as it’s always better 2nd time round and you can then enjoy a hassle-free mid-week supper.

The trick is to buy the right type of meat (although fish and veggie stews are great as well).  This week we have goat available from the butcher, and mutton available next week.  We also have shin of beef (Belted Galloway from East Marden).  Goat and mutton tend to be tougher meat, which slow cooking breaks down into tender morsels that release great depth of flavour.  With stew recipes from every corner of the globe, you can enjoy a hugely exotic list of recipes, while raiding the spice drawer and hoovering up the veg.

So come and get some goat, mutton, rabbit or beef and think of stew.