TOATS MYLK is produced on Rushmere Farm using oats grown on the farm. In two years they will have completed their conversion to organic farming, but until then they maintain that ecological biodiversity is not only critical to sustaining our existence on this planet, but central to productivity.

Where possible oats are milled fresh from the most recent harvest for a creamy mylk with a natural sweetness that will go well in your tea. You can froth it for your coffee, put it in your cereal, or your smoothies.

Ingredients: British Oats (10%), Water, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Dipotassium Phosphate (Acidity Regulator).
Changes to ingredients can be made to suit your preferences.

TOATS MYLK has one principle purpose: Reduce human impact on the earth. 
This single goal is achieved in a number of ways, 3 of which are outlined below.
  • Provide a delicious plant-based alternative to cow’s milk; reducing the impact of intensive dairy farming on the environment.
  • Reduce waste packaging by using a reusable and recyclable bottle.
  • ​Agree fair prices with farmers, giving them the flexibility to pursue ecologically sustainable farming practices.
Rushmere Farm in Hampshire is where George, farmer and founder of TOATS MYLK, was born and where he and his father grow approximately 100 tonnes of oats annually. In 2020 they began the transition to organic farming, and are motivated to demonstrate the benefits of agroecological harmony. Many farmers will not take this step, because the risk to their livelihoods is too high, and so it is the responsibility of the consumer to put value on good food, in order that we can incentivise environmentally beneficial farming practices through our everyday eating habits.