Our pork has to be one of our most consistently excellent products.  I know that if a new customer walks into the shop for the first time, and I can persuade them to go home with a pork chop, they will be customers for a long time.  I think many people have been put off pork after eating supermarket pork that is dry and tasteless.

Richard Scott has been rearing completely free-range pigs on the South Downs near Storrington for over 12 years.  He ensures that his pigs have fresh air, and are free to root and rummage, enjoying a natural additive-free diet. They are kept in family groups, with hay pens for shelter.

Richard delivers the pork directly to our door once a week, and he cares passionately about welfare, quality and taste.  As a result, the pork is fantastic: rich, succulent and bursting with flavour.

Richard has also started curing his own hams, which are available in pre-sliced packs in the deli fridge.  This is traditionally cured by Richard so you know exactly how it was reared and where it has come from.  Not surprisingly, it is delicious.  £3.99 for 200g.

You can find all our Scott Free Range Pork products at our online shop, or ask Lee or Ray to prepare any cut you want.