It’s always risky to post pictures of lambs, pigs, and cows alongside recipes and images of butchered pork and beef cuts, as most of us have become removed from the realities of where our food comes from and the processes necessary to put food on our plates.  I’m always concerned that posting a lovely image of livestock will convert everyone to becoming vegetarian.  However, it’s important to know exactly where your food comes from, how it has been treated, and to know exactly what you are eating. We are rightly extremely proud to show where are meat is from, and that you can enjoy meat that has had a happy, outdoor, healthy existence which translates into great quality meat that is tasty and healthy for you.

Supermarkets do a fantastic job of hiding the reality of the food chain from their customers.  Chicken and pork are the worst examples, with the average UK chicken reared within the space of an A4 piece of paper.  Only 3% of pigs spend their entire lives outside, but you wouldn’t think that by looking at your supermarket label.

So, we have to fight our corner and show you where our pork comes from and how our pigs are reared.  Richard Scott is based in Storrington within the South Downs National Park.  You can arrange to visit him whenever you want to and see how your pork is cared for.  He delivers the pigs he rears to our door, there are no middlemen, no false labels, just very good pork.

And here are the pictures to prove it: Very happy pigs doing what pigs love to do. Rooting around outside in small family groups, with shelter and straw beds when they want.