Golden Cross




Golden Cross is Golden Cross Cheese’s signature goat’s cheese, made by Kevin and Alison Blunt on alternate days on their farm from the milk of their own herd of 220 milking goats. Before maturing, the cheese is lightly charcoaled by hand, which provides a nice contrast to the whiteness of the goat’s cheese and alters the acidity of the surface of the cheese. This aids maturation and the growth of penicillium mould. The recipe is loosely based on the famous Sainte Maure goats’ milk log from France.

As it matures, the body of the cheese becomes denser, creamier and fuller flavoured. Golden Cross is a sweet, soft, delicately goaty and grassy cheese, with an ice-cream like texture.

This cheese is multi-award-winning, including Super Gold Winner and Best British Cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2018.

Sold as a 225g log.


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