Sussex Camembert (200g)




Sussex Camembert is a creamy cheese with a natural white edible rind. This cow’s milk cheese will continue maturing in a fridge for up to seven weeks becoming softer and stronger.  Handcrafted with passion and precision, this cheese embodies the essence of traditional Camembert, while showcasing the unique terroir of Sussex. With its pristine white bloomy rind and velvety, creamy texture, this Camembert is a sensory delight. The rich and buttery notes are beautifully balanced with subtle hints of earthiness and mushroom, making this cheese perfect for a centrepiece on a cheese board to a luxurious ingredient in savoury dishes and baking. Perfectly suited for any occasion, Sussex Camembert pairs effortlessly with crusty bread or crisp apples.

Based in East Sussex, the Sussex Camembert from Alsop and Walker won two stars at the Great Taste Awards.


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