Our venison is fantastic at the moment – from young bucks (known as prickets) that result in tender, well flavoured (not too gamey) and delicious venison meat. We have all the cuts available as we take whole carcasses from the Stansted Estate and butcher them ourselves.  They are completely wild and feed off the leaves, grasses and herbs of the South Downs.

The venison season is in full swing – with large numbers of fallow deer passing through the Stansted Estate.  The populations is at historically high levels and they are culled to ensure that their population stays healthy as well as to protect young trees – deer love to strip the bark which kills off saplings and makes it very difficult to maintain sustainable woodland.

You can buy whatever cut you like in the butchery, or we send venison via overnight courier throughout the UK.  Why not try a venison box or add venison as part of a Stansted meat box?