The first stew, casserole, or curry can be a bit like wondering when to turn the heating on, it’s that acceptance that autumn is well and truly here.  While we haven’t yet turned the heating on, we have cooked our first stew, and in anticipation, Lee and Ray have been preparing venison, goat, hogget and beef, diced and ready for the slow cook.

There is such a choice of world cuisines using slow-cooked diced meat, so you can be as exotic as you like while using local produce as your base.  Make sure that you choose the right cut for your dish, as the ubiquitous “stewing beef” can be from any cut, and if the cut is lean, then cooking it for six hours will result in dry overcooked meat, whereas a cut from the shoulder will be melt in the mouth.

Make sure to roll the diced in a bit of flour and brown off in the pan to add flavour and colour to the final dish.

If you are looking for a classic French beef bourguignon, then chuck steak works best.

The flavour of the meat in Jamaican Curry Goat holds up perfectly against the garlic, chilli and ginger spices.

Hogget works brilliantly in a Morrocan tagine

Venison is plentiful in Southeast Asia, so think red curry paste and coconut milk.

Go with what tempts you, think of your curry, stew or tagine as a weekend dish that you gently prepare in the morning, cook in the afternoon and enjoy in the evening (or even better the next day).