It’s British Game Week and as usual we have a good supply of local game in the Farm Shop.

Wild Venison from the Stansted Estate is available almost all year round – and it is fantastic value – often cheaper than beef, while being completely sustainable, healthy and delicious.  It has the least cholesterol of any red meat, low in fat, high in nutrients and with low food miles (the only time the venison leaves Stansted Estate is in your shopping bag!)

We have pheasant and partridge from the neighbouring Watergate Estate that is also outstanding in flavour, very healthy (especially compared with a supermarket chicken) and is great value.  If you wanted to go pheasant shooting, it would cost about £25 per bird – so when you buy a pheasant from us at £3.99 you are making a saving of £21.  Not even Lidl offers those sorts of discounts!

Due to it being a particularly warm autumn, there is still a huge amount of food available for wood pigeon and so they are not concentrated on specific crops.  As a result we have not been getting many pigeon.  However, the colder weather has finally started bringing them in and we have pigeon available this week. This is one of my favourite meats, with dark meat like duck and a lovely flavour.  A salad with parsnip crisps, pan fried pigeon breasts and blackberry dressing is a winner.

Rabbit is particularly scarce this year – we get it occassionally, but regular supply is unfortunately very difficult.  If you are interested, sign up to our newsletter and when you see it available, ping a reply back and we will hold it for you.

If you are interested in recipes, then the Taste of Game website has an excellent selection.  Definitely worth being adventurous with game.

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