The Sandwich – a Great British staple, ideal for eating on the go, and  particularly perfect for picnic provisions.  However, there are sandwiches and then there is a Stansted Farm Shop Sandwich.

It comes down to the basics: bread and filling.  Gavin makes his own brioche loaf which is light, delicious and delicate acting as a sublime vehicle for the fillings.  Today I enjoyed a ham and cheese sandwich – layers of thinly sliced Sandridge ham, and Applewood smoked cheddar with a bit of mustard mayo.  Delicious, not too filling, with crisps for crunch. The Ale was mainly drunk by Gavin who had done all the work up until that point.

Some of the other fillings we have this week will be:

  • Hot smoked beef rump with Nutbourne Tomatoes and Wild Garlic Mayo – Brioche
  • Local free range Egg and Hairspring Watercress – Brioche
  • Salami Baguette and lettuce – sourdough

You can either pop in and buy a sandwich at the deli counter for the mighty sum of £3.50 or you can pre-order (maybe with some colleagues mid-week) and do a bulk order ready to pick up.  Trust me, it will greatly improve your day.

It’s ideal for taking on a stroll through the Spring wildflowers…

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  • Your sandwiches are truly delicious, but brioche bread is too feeble in its constructionto contain fillings of a moist nature, this leads to sandwich disassembly based sadness……

    • Thanks for the feedback Ian – we have modified the homemade loaf to ensure a more robust sandwich

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