Vegetables aren’t usually the first thing that come to mind when thinking about BBQ, but with a little planning, it’s simple to do and the results are delicious.  The smoky, charred flavour of charcoal can really enhance the flavour and texture of vegetables, and if you still want to eat meat, then you can cook the veg last minute while the meat rests.

We have some wonderful local veg that’s ideal for the grill and in season at the moment.  With romano peppers and aubergines from the Isle of Wight in abundance, you have a whole range of cooking options.  There is some strange alchemy when you cook aubergines in wood-smoke, the combination is irresistible and really brings out the best in aubergine. You can grill them in slices with a bit of olive oil, then add creme fraiche, lemon juice, pomegranate seeds and chipotle sauce to make a substantial and scrummy salad.

The peppers are great on their own, adding a wonderful blaze of colour to any dish, but can be stuffed with almost any combination for a delicious veggie main course. Think of rice or couscous, with some chilli heat and lots of herbs.

Courgettes are now abundant, sweet and delicious grilled, especially with a little garlic, rosemary, olive oil and sea salt.  If you are growing your own, then don’t neglect the courgette flowers that you can stuff with ricotta

Finally it’s worth baking a Tunworth in its box over the coals, (making sure not to set the box on fire) as the Tunworth melts to make the most incredible dip for your veggies.  That’ll earn some BBQ brownie points for sure.