We are considering a local food and drink delivery service and have put out a survey here to find out if this would be popular.  We have had a significant and positive response and we will be looking at implementing this on a trial basis soon.

To summarize the survey, more than 80% of respondents would use a local food and drink delivery service wanting a range of products to choose from.

89% of respondents would use the service at least once a month, even while currently visiting the farm shop once a month or less. The majority (80%) would spend between £20-£50 per shop and would like to use the service to replace online supermarket deliveries.  The ideal delivery day would be Friday, with a delivery charge of under £5.

This has been a very useful survey but will need a lot of work for us to implement. I’d be hugely grateful for further responses, either positive or negative, while we look at the costs and viability of this project.  From the perspective of the farm shop, it would only make sense if we could make a minimum number of deliveries per hour which is tricky considering how spread out the local population is.  We would need to update our website, and look at staff and vehicles. It would mean less profit for the farm shop than if people visited us at the shop, and the range would also be more limited (at least to begin with).

However, if we could identify clusters of homes (Forestside, West Marden and Compton or an area in Rowlands Castle) that would be happy for a Friday delivery slot (say 5 pm-8 pm) each with an order of approximately £35 + £3 delivery, then I think it could start to make sense.

Please bear with us while we look into this further, but if this is of interest, please contact local friends and neighbours to see if they would be interested, and if you can form a cluster group, we will come to you.

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  • This is a really fantastic move by the farm shop who are ever ahead of the curve!!! I will be sure to point my parents and elderly people in the area to you guys especially in these current times and increasing isolation of the vulnerable! Thank you!

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