The game season has started again, and if you care about your health, it’s great to include wild game as part of your diet.  The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the critical importance of diet to your overall health, and game is the healthiest meat you can get.

Fallow deer need to be regularly culled as over-population can decimate woodland regeneration.  We have all cuts available, with the taste being no stronger than beef, but with a texture more similar to lamb.  Venison is very low in fat and cholesterol, as being wild, are well exercised and feed on whatever is most tasty and beneficial to them.  While very low in fat, the fat that is there is also beneficial, being high in omega-3. Venison is also high in iron, vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Zinc Vitamin B(6), and Selenium.

You can buy fallow deer meat in the following forms:

  • Venison haunch, ideal for small or large roasts.
  • Venison steaks – individual cuts from the haunch
  • Venison loin – arguably the best cut of meat you can buy, incredibly tender, full-flavoured, and pretty much fat-free.
  • Venison fillet – like the loin, but smaller.
  • Diced venison – from the shoulder, need slower cooking, but ideal in casseroles and stews
  • Venison mince – a perfect alternative to beef in Bolognese, cottage pie, homemade burgers etc.
  • Venison burgers – a great, fully flavoured burger.
  • Venison & Juniper Sausages – Our fantastic homemade sausages work so well with juniper
  • Venison Box – a selection of all the cuts

We have muntjac available as well.

To get you started, here’s a recipe for venison and blackberries that are also abundant at the moment.

In addition to venison, we also have a limited number of wild grouse from the North Yorkshire moors.  They are regarded as the king of the game bird, tasting distinctively of the heather that comprises the majority of their diet.  We should have partridge available from next week.