If you are looking for some BBQ inspiration this bank holiday, then pop into the Farm Shop.  The butchery counter is ready, with homemade sausages, kebabs and koftas, burgers and steaks all ready for the coals.  For the more adventurous, there are pork ribs, spatchcock chicken, muntjac haunch, ribs of beef, shoulders of pork & duck burgers.  Local asparagus, Isle of Wight Romano Peppers and cauliflower are taken to a new taste dimension when cooked over charcoal.

With 4 varieties of charcoal, you can really develop that BBQ flavour in your food, and we will also have some oak chips if you want to try smoking, with the options of either giving enhancing your food with a smokey flavour, to smoking your food, such as hot smoked mackerel, but you will need a lid for your BBQ.

There’s a huge selection of BBQ sauces, marinades, rubs and relishes to take your BBQ to the next level. If you want to be a bit more imaginative, then it’s worth taking your time.  Plan a day ahead, as marinating overnight can make a big difference to the flavours.  You can either take fresh herbs and spices to create your own marinade or grab a bottle of one of our rub packs, depending on what meat or veg you choose.

Spice Island’s  Drakes Gold is made with Habanero, Pineapple and Allspice, giving a sweet, medium heat, with the pineapple helping to tenderize meat while also caramelizing under the grill, before giving way to the chilli heat.  Glorious!

Our Bohn’s Rubs are excellent, with specific rubs created for different meat. Butt Massage is ideal with a pork butt pulled pork, Steak Mate is designed for beef, with robust herbs and spices that also work on burgers.  There are 8 rubs to choose from, and Bohn’s have a restaurant with some great recipes, such as Rib-eye steak with seasoned potato wedges, garlic parmesan asparagus, roasted tomatoes and red wine sauce. Each rub has been tried and tested, and come highly recommended.

Once you have marinated, seared or smoked, you will need your BBQ sauces, chilli sauces, chimichurri, zhoug or chermoula,as well as salt, pickles mayo and condiments. I’m particularly keen on making my own aioli, but you can use mayo as a base and add herbs, anchovies or harissa to create your own twist while saving time over the mixing bowl.

And don’t forget that you can do exactly the same with vegetables, such as this Harissa baked Cauliflower recipe. We have some veggie burger mixes in stock that I can recommend, easy to put together and embellish if you feel like it.

Head over to the Big Green Egg corner where most of our rubs and sauces can be found. Hope we can help turn your BBQ into a memorable weekend feast, and if you want to take BBQ to the top, join us for our Big Green Egg Course next weekend…