Gavin’s Sausage Rolls are starting to develop a fanatical following – and I can guarantee that you will never have tasted a sausage roll like it. They are about a foot long and utterly delicious.

This weekend we have the following sausage rolls available: Beef and Truffle, BBQ Pork, Lamb & Rosemary and Plain pork.

Why are they so good? Start with the pastry: homemade from scratch, our short crust pasty is light, crispy on the outside with a bit of chew and the perfect wrapping for the contents.

What’s inside? Well it varies week in, week out but my stand out favourite at the moment is the BBQ Pork with jalapeños.  We source the pork from the finest butcher around, 10 paces from the BBQ at the Stansted Park Butcher.  We use whole pork shoulder from Scott’s Free Range Pork farm in Storrington on the South Downs.  The Duroc rare breed has inter-muscle fat that ensures that the meat remains moist and tender while it is Barbecued for a minimum of SIX HOURS on the Big Green Egg.  The result is incredible.  Gavin then mixes the chunks of slow cooked pork in his BBQ sauce (fennel, coriander etc) and white onions and tucks it into the pastry. The finishing touch is a couple of thin slices of jalapeño peppers on the top before it goes in the oven, which come out sweet and crunchy.

BBQ Pork Sausage Roll

There is also a lamb and rosemary sausage roll, a traditional pork sausage roll and other weekly specials.The sausage rolls are available to take home from the deli counter at £4.50 each (you can heat them up if you want, 10 minutes @180 degrees) or you can enjoy a deli lunch at the shop with any deli item and a generous house salad for £8.50.