We are now fully booked for all our Christmas delivery slots and are running low on Christmas poultry.  Please contact the shop directly (details at the bottom of the page) to enquire about what weights are still available.


Christmas at Stansted Farm Shop – Outstanding service and delicious local turkeys, cockerels and geese, ribs of beef, gammons and cheese and hundreds of locally sourced food and drink products.

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  • Big Green Egg

    Bespoke Big Green Egg Class

    Do you want to expand your BBQ repertoire or have an outdoor celebration with friends or family?  Julie will either come to your house (if you have a Big Green Egg) or the Farm Shop Courtyard, and teach you how to best utilize the Big Green Egg for a delicious … Read More
  • Cheese Soufflé – Delicious, easy and local

    We have a superb new product on the shelves, a cheese Soufflé where all the hard work has been done for you.  It’s delicious, spectacular, easy to prepare and has been made by Ryan and Kerry Lamb from their Hampshire pub, the Tally Ho! near Stockbridge. This is restaurant quality, … Read More
  • Dampney’s Remarkable Drinks

    Dampney’s make a superb range of fruit-based gins, vodkas and liqueurs that use local farmed and hedgerow fruit. They are steeped, pressed, filtered and bottled in East Meon (the Meon Valley is a hotbed of alcoholic producers – there must be something in the water!) and the whole family gets … Read More
  • Figgy’s Luxury Christmas Pudding

    This year we have some proper, handmade, award-winning Christmas Puddings from Figgy’s, a tiny family-run artisan business in Devon.  They use the finest ingredients to create a Christmas pudding that is fully flavoured and well-textured – the sort of pudding you would be proud to put in front of Granny … Read More
  • Free Range Bronze Turkey

    Free Range Bronze Turkey from the Walters family is consistently excellent, making it the perfect choice for your Christmas meal.

  • Free Range Bronze Turkey Breast Roast (Walters)

    Free Range Bronze Turkey Breast Roast is the perfect choice for smaller families at Christmas.


  • Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown

    The Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown consists of the white breast meat left on the bone, and is the perfect option for smaller families.

  • Christmas Cockerel

    Free Range Christmas Cockerel (Capon)

    A Christmas Cockerel is fantastic eating, combining the taste, succulence and texture of a quality free-range chicken with the size of a turkey (approx 5kgs) As with our turkeys, the cockerels are slow-reared for exceptional taste. With a life span of 130 days compared to the average supermarket chicken, which … Read More
  • Game Pies

    We will be making Game and Venison pies to order, for collection between the 22nd and 24th December this year. Each pie is filled with local game, our homemade stock, mushrooms, and root vegetables, encased in our homemade pastry.  All you need to do is heat it up in the … Read More
  • Roast Goose


    Our local geese make for the perfect roast on Christmas Day.

  • Monroyo Serrano Ham Leg – 7.5kg

    Spanish air-dried Serrano Ham is a delicacy that you can take a slice of for every meal.  This is a whole Jamon on-the-bone and is ideal for a family for Christmas or the next lockdown. This ham is made from the meat of pigs from the province of Teruel in … Read More
  • Christmas Free Range Bronze Turkey

    Organic Bronze Turkey

    Organic Bronze Turkey will make the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas or Thanksgiving meal.

  • Organic Turkey Crown

    The Organic Turkey Crown is the white breast meat left on the bone, and is ideal for smaller families and those who don’t want too many leftovers.

  • sandridge gammon unsmoked

    Sandridge Gammon (Unsmoked)

    Old-fashioned Wiltshire gammon that’s cured on the farm to a traditional recipe.

  • sandridge slipper joint

    Sandridge Slipper Joint (Unsmoked)

    Our slipper joint is a smaller cut from old-fashioned Wiltshire gammon that’s cured on the farm to a traditional recipe.

  • sandridge gammon unsmoked

    Sandridge Smoked Gammon

    Old-fashioned Wiltshire smoked gammon that’s cured on the farm to a traditional recipe.

  • Smoked Slipper Joint

    Sandridge Smoked Slipper Joint

    Our smoked slipper joint is a smaller cut from old-fashioned Wiltshire gammon that’s cured on the farm to a traditional recipe.

  • Smoked Salmon – 100g, 200g, 400g & Whole Sides

    Our delicious smoked salmon comes from Springs Smokery in Edburton, West Sussex.

    They fillet, skin and bone every salmon by hand. No machine could offer the expert eye, and precision with the knife, of Jose and Paul, the resident filleters and smokers.

    The fillets are cured in the manner developed thousands of years ago: coated in dry salt. Nothing more, and certainly no colourings, preservatives or additives of any kind.

    A day later, the fish are suspended in brick kilns over smouldering logs of Sussex oak. Springs use whole logs – not chips or shavings – since they flavour the salmon more delicately. The cold smoking can take up to 30 hours; up to three times longer than many commercial producers.

    For over a half-century of smoking, Springs Smokery have used Sussex oak from the forests around Arundel. They rightly believe that no other oak flavours scents their salmon so fully yet subtly.

  • Stansted Farm Shop Gift Voucher

    A Farm Shop Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for any food obsessive.  They can have free reign to choose from our extensive array of local produce, browse the butchery counter, or sign up for a BBQ or cookery course. We can post the gift voucher out for you if … Read More
  • Venison & Beef Bresaola

    Bresaola is air-dried, spiced and salted beef or venison, aged for at least three months, then thinly sliced to provide a delicate, delicious melting finish. Sussex Gourmande create this artisan charcuterie using produce from the South Downs and local area. Their bresaola reflects the landscape around them and is sourced … Read More
  • Venison & Beef Wellington

    This is the ultimate ready meal – a wellington with our own homemade pastry, mushroom duxelles, and either wild venison loin or Hampshire beef fillet, ready to pop in the oven for 20 minutes.  A luxury meal without the faff, you need to treat yourself to this over the Christmas … Read More
  • White Free-Range Turkey

    Christmas deserves a seriously tasty turkey, and we source white free-range Turkey from the Walters family. These turkeys are delicious – full of flavour, tender and succulent.

    As a rule of thumb we recommend that you have at least 500 grams per person for a turkey, 333 grams per person for a crown, and for a breast joint just 250 grams.

    All our turkeys are produced by Walters Turkeys with Phillip and Julia Walters supplying this festive fowl for over 35 years.  I now deal with their son Ed, and it is still very much a family affair. The white free-range turkeys are reared to the Golden promise standard set by the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association. They reach full maturity naturally without growth promoters.  Using traditional methods, they are dry plucked, hand finished and hung for at least 7 days.  All are fed on home grown cereals and soya from the same farm where they are reared.  The turkeys are killed and processed on the farm to avoid travel as minimising their stress is a priority.

    Your turkey will be boxed, with vacuum packed giblets, fresh rosemary and a Pop-up Timer which works perfectly. It can remain in the box for a couple of days.  If your turkey is a large one, it may not fit in a box, and therefore it’s important to remove it from the plastic bag as soon as possible. Place the turkey in the refrigerator if possible.  If not, place the turkey in a cool ventilated position.   Make sure that this is animal and vermin proof!

    Delivery will be the week before Christmas, although they are also available for Thanksgiving.

  • Sandridge gammon

    Whole Sandridge Smoked Gammon (on the bone)

    Whole Sandridge Smoked gammon on the bone; “the finest British cured pork”.