If you buy meat from our butchery counter, it will now come gift wrapped in butchers paper.  There are three reasons why our meat is wrapped in paper::

  1. The meat keeps better. While you can keep meat vacuum packed for longer, the meat does not taste as good.  With paper, the meat can breath and while it does lose moisture, it is the best method to preserve flavour and tenderness.
  2. No more plastic.  By wrapping the meat in butchers paper, we are doing away with vac pac bags and plastic bags.
  3. You get to unwrap your Farm Shop treat.  Each steak, chop or other cut of meat is now carefully wrapped by hand by our butchers, and tied with string.  We believe that we should be eating less meat, but when you do eat it, it should be a top quality treat.  Our venison, lamb and pork all comes from estates and farms on the South Downs and the beef is from Hampshire.  The quality is outstanding, due to high welfare and a natural diet, using heritage breeds.  When you reach into your fridge and unwrap your butchers gift, we hope you have the time to appreciate where it has come from.

So, what’s good at the moment?

South Downs Lamb – In the run up to Easter, lamb is the traditional favourite.  Our lamb is currently coming from a farm in Midhurst, grass fed on the mixed grasses of the South Downs.  The flavour is excellent.

Wild Venison – We are approaching the closed season for fallow deer which is the deer that we predominantly  stock due to it’s ideal size.  The deer are culled as their numbers are at an historically high and they can cause enormous damage to woodland.  The meat is fantastic, with the loin being (in my opinion) the most delicious cut of any meat you can buy.  The haunch is tender, tasty and a great crowd pleaser that you can cook as you would a leg of lamb.  It’s also lean, and the most healthy meat you can buy.

Wild Wood Pigeon – Another superb flavoured wild meat that is delicious – and can work particularly well seared in a pan and served pink on a salad.